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John Highman
John Highman, Author, Coach, Broadcaster

John Highman is a leading Commercial Real Estate Coach, International Conference Speaker, and Author. As an experienced Commercial Property Agent of 35+ years in the industry he has helped thousands of commercial property agents and salespeople globally to promote and grow their market share and commissions.

John today shares his ideas, practical tips, and hands-on experiences across the internet in specialist commercial real estate training websites and coaching solutions devoted to the unique requirements of Commercial and Retail Property Sales, Leasing, and Property Management.

John Highman is one of the few expert commercial real estate coaches in the World that has comprehensively and personally worked with commercial and retail properties of all sizes and types.  He is ranked highly at Ezine Articles in the USA as an expert in his field, http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=John_Highman

From the largest commercial office properties and shopping centres, to the smallest industrial sheds, John’s experiences are hands-on and highly relevant. He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building your commercial real estate business and market share.

John’s ideas and coaching will give you ‘real life’ tips to build a great career in commercial real estate in today’s property market.

This website?

This website is designed to help Retail Property Managers and Centre Leasing Specialists with the complexities of Retail Tenant Mix Analysis.

The ebook Retail Tenant Mix Analysis has been written by John Highman.  John has extensive hands on experience with Retail Malls, Shopping Centres, and Retail Leasing of all types.   The ebook is a reflection of his 30 plus years experience in the Retail Property Management Industry.

We can be contacted at info@commercial-realestate-training.com .

Our office is located in Brisbane, Australia and the address is PO Box 1860, Sunnybank Hills, Qld., Australia.

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