Testimonial Use in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

In commercial real estate agency, testimonials are very powerful tools to use in a property presentation or sales pitch.  The clients and prospects that we work with in commercial real estate like to know that we are the best choice of agent; that we have the relevance and experience to solve their property problem.  Testimonials will help you do that.

The fact of the matter is that most clients do not like to be an ‘experiment’ in property marketing.  They like to know that they have the best agents working for them with the best strategies to reduce their property pain.  Your testimonials become the evidence to help convert the listing that you require.

So the real point of this process is to help you build future opportunity from happy clients and previously successful relationships.  A top commercial real estate service and a satisfactory property outcome will usually produce the opportunity for a testimonial.  It will also produce the opportunity for referral business.

Here are some ideas to help you work with testimonials in commercial real estate agency.

  1. You need to be seen as the expert of choice.  Testimonials will help you do that.  They become the proof that you require to help the client move towards a listing with you and or your agency.
  2. Make sure that you have a selection of testimonials that refer to your property specialty, and location.  Local relevance is really important when it comes to this strategy.  Make everything personal so that the client can connect with the right salesperson that has the skills to move things forward.
  3. After a satisfactory commercial property transaction with a positive outcome personally visit the client to seal the relationship successfully and ask for the testimonial.  Also ask for the referral business that may be available with any of the other people that the client could know.
  4. When it comes to testimonials I prefer to see comments from clients that are specific to a particular person.  The testimonials are therefore far more relevant to converting new business.  The skills of the individual are therefore provable and evidenced in writing.  Most clients will accept an individual over the agency when it comes to signing off on the listing.

It should be said that a testimonial strategy will support your sales pitch or presentation.  For this reason, the other parts of the presentation need to be well handled and relevant to the client and the property.  Show them the relevance and then give them the testimonial.

The testimonial will help close the deal providing you have given all the relevant information and strategies to the client that relate to the property market today.  Top agents are experts when it comes to the presentation and the sales pitch.  They use testimonials.

The Best ‘Openers’ in a Commercial or Retail Property Presentation

Every commercial real estate agent wants to win their sales pitch or presentation.  The fact of the matter is that they will be up against a few agents chasing the same property and with the same client when it comes to most presentations.  For this very reason, the sales pitch or the presentation needs to be of high quality and highly relevant.  The days of the generic sales pitch are well gone.  You really need to be correct the focused on the commercial or retail property, the client, and the market.

Every top agent will create a presentation that suits their style and property type.  That being said, they will usually have some ‘opener’ which gains the attention of the client, and then allows the presentation to proceed productively and correctly.  You can also achieve an opening statement or strategy that you can use in every property presentation.  In this way, you will capture the attention of the client and draw them towards your recommendations.

When it comes to marketing commercial and retail property today, discounts and other enticements are always offered by competing agents.  It is important as an alternative, that you offer real strategy and focus when it comes to your recommendations.  In this way, discounts and enticements are no longer or perhaps less relevant to the client.  They do not want to be an ‘experiment’ when it comes to property promotion.  They want results so show them how you are going to do that.

Here are some tips when it comes to an opening strategy in any property presentation.  All of these things can have some advantage depending on how you use them.

  1. Meet the client at the property before the sales presentation.  Tell the client that you would like to discuss the inspection process and their thoughts relative to that.  Most agents will not do this.  Tell the client that you want to show them how you see the property and how you will be recommending it as part of any property inspection to qualified prospects.
  2. Take plenty of digital photographs in and around the property.  For the typical property presentation, that would normally be approximately 40 to 60 photographs.  Those photographs should be structured into a single folder within your computer, and then used as part of a ‘scrolling’ photographic display on your laptop when the presentation is underway.  This strategy is highly effective and will gain the immediate attention of the client.  The fact of the matter is that the client will always show interest in their property and digital photographs will allow that to occur.  This process is much more effective than any other slides on your laptop.  Forget about using PowerPoint computer slides, but use well selected images of the property that roll through a progressive slide show continually.  As simple as it seems it will help win the attention of the client quickly and directly.
  3. As part of any earlier meeting with the client, you should have identified some issues and problems that are of concern to the client.  In most cases, you should be able to identify three or four factors of concern to the client.  As part of a question and answer process in your presentation, put those factors into your proposal document and also your presentation.  Give the client clear solutions to those concerns; show them the way through the problem and provide unique and relevant strategies to the process.  In this way, you will show them that you really understand their needs and challenges.  You are the agent to help them.
  4. The marketing of every commercial and retail property should provide real solutions based on the property type and the location.  Forget about generic advertising and marketing campaigns.  Be quite specific in what you tell the client about marketing the investment property and how you will approach it.  Give them three alternatives of marketing costing and strategy so that they have some choice in the matter of advertising and the strategy to be adopted.

There are other things that you can add to this list above.  The main point of the process is that strategy is everything and relevance will help your property presentation stand out as the best available.  Forget about providing discounts and incentives, tell the client exactly how you will improve their property challenge and resolve the problem as soon as possible.  Be relevant in every respect.